Having a problem kickstarting my 250f


Dec 29, 2006
hey guys when i got my 250f used i thought it was awesome but what i didnt kno is that there were many problems. since it was my first 4 stroke i couldnt tell if it had alot of alittle compression but i didnt have much and ended up havin to get new valves and piston. now that i got it back sometimes when i kick start it instead of turning the motor over when i kick it it sometimes goes straight down and makes a sorta grinding noise. i dont think its a problem any help?


Jul 18, 2007
could be a defective kickstart assembly.(at least the part of it that moves the gear on the shaft into position; or the gear itself) i would take the crankcase cover off and take a look at your kickstart assembly and the gear that the kickstart gear comes in contact with. my guess is that your gear on the kickstart shaft is worn down heavily.

is there any resistance when you go to kick it and it "goes straight down "?

or if there is some resistance, does it feel like the noise that its making(if that makes sense)?

it definitely is a problem too, your kickstarter should work every time. plus ANY grinding on your bike is HORRID!!!

also if your hearing a grinding, you might not want to ride it till you check your oil, odds are its gonna be greyish and metallic which is pretty bad for an engine.

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