Dec 29, 2006
i was practicing over at podium 1 motoplex and i lost it on a stepup(dont remember what happened) i was knocked out for a few minuits and then came to. i kept repeating the same thing so i went to the hospital and i had a bad conconcussion( when your brain hits you skull) and my brain hit my skull so hard it bruised and bled for a little while. the kept me and said they have alot of racers with that and i had to stay because they wanted to make sure the swelling went down which it did and i am out now with no riding or rough play for 2-3 months and i just got out for school really i missed my last 2 days of my eight grade year but o well. so has anyone had what i had??


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Nov 14, 2001
no but a friend of mine did. we were doing about 60 on bmx bikes down a hill well of course we didn't have helmets and he ends up comin out of a corner drifting into a cliff and tumbles down the road for about 30 ft smacking ever concrete erosion bar on the way down. he was twitching with his eyes rolled back in his head you could see about a index card worth of skull 3/4 of his ear was torn off and he had a broken collar bone and swelling of the brain that they had to drill a hole in his skull to relive..... 3 weeks later he was on his bike sling and all

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Sep 26, 1999
I haven't had any as bad as you, but DO NOT ride again until cleared. I have heard that another head injury before you have healed from the previous is much worse.

I took a guy to the hospital from the Calhoun SX track in Georgia who was like that 6 years ago. The conversation repeated itself almost word for word every 15 seconds THE WHOLE WAY!


Nov 27, 2006
been there. i was running and smacked right into a pull up bar type thing on a playground. it hit me right in the soft spot on the side of the head. i was knocked out for about an hour

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