Dec 29, 2006
i am a very compassionate race and if i ever could not compete in the sport i dont know what i would do. i recently had a very bad concussion and a subdermal hematoma( my brain hit my skull so hard it bled and was swollen) i can ride for 3 months and i was currently using a thor quadrant helmet. price is not a problem for me anymore. i have been seeing that arai,shoei,hjc?, make some good helmets. i really want to know what is the safest and best helmet, or if any companys make custom helmets. i broke my thor helmet so i know i ate **** :laugh: but i am alright thank god. thanks guys


Viva La Revolucion!
Nov 14, 2001
check out this one

they built in easily removable cheek pads so if they gotta take your helmet off you are less likely to get injured and a chin bar thats less likly to dig into the ground when you go for a little soil tasting. also you should look into the leatt brace
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