Aug 2, 2005
:whoa: Ive done some reading on some old threads trying to come up with a plan to get rid of some headshake Im having on the high speed straights, hardpack chop. Id rather not drop the forks down and sacrifice cornering if I can get through with compression adjustments- Ive heard two theorys , -
1 run compression a bit harder which will allow the bike to ride higher in the stroke which is the softer part of the stroke and also serves to add a little of the chopper effect.
2 run compression a bit softer to allow forks to soak up the hit a little better rather than deflecting
It seems to me like the first option is more realistic what do you guys think?
Im using stock springs and settings front and rear 175lbswith gear, race sag 95mm ..the front oil level is on the high end of the tolerance, I like a little more resistance to bottoming.good seals just replaced. 5wt front and rear. any ideas? (Aprox 12psi in the tires)
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