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Jun 24, 2007
hello eveyone, I just started to ride dirt bikes I'm a road bike kinda guy but I wanted to try somthing new so I went out and bought a 1992 yamaha yz250 but the guy I got it from told me I should change the trans. oil so I drained it and all that thinking their would be a window on it. but their ant no window! so I called the guy and he dont know how much to put in their eather.. so is their anyone that can help me out?? I cant ride till I get some oil in it.. should just guess and put like 1 quart in it or what?? plz help me I would really like that :cool:
May 10, 2007
if you are going to be doing the work on your bike it would be a good idea to get a service manuel. has all the stuff you will ever want to know about your bike and somethings you dont want to know.

ps congratz on buying a bike


Jun 14, 2007
Yeah, hate to repeat fuzzball but the manual is comparable to your bible (when working on your bike) it will tell you anything and everything you need to know. Except I was looking at the manual for an 01 Yamaha 125 and there is NOTHING about the proper compression.. why wouldnt it give out ideal compression readings?


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Jul 3, 1999
Welcome to DRN! Get the manual.


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Dec 26, 1999
drgriffi1 said:
Just over the little bit of time I've been a member here, I've seen people get more and more "jerky" with their responses. Why can't someone just give him a straight answer? Maybe he didn't have time to get a manual before wanting to go riding. Not everyone buys a manual for their bike right away. If you can't offer any real advice, don't respond to someone's question.
You are the only one that looks like a jerk. They gave him good advice since I doubt any know the answer off the top of their head. I owned a 92 YZ250 and I don't remember what the oil capacity was anymore and I changed oil on that beast many many times.

To the original poster if you are still around try looking near the fill hole and I believe the capacity should be stamped there in cc's. I seem to remember it being 750cc but I am not positive


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Oct 19, 2006
Its stressing the importance of model specific trivial information that is only in the stupid manuals. Oh no wait,I have the smithsonian institute of manuals on line,and still the same old,even if a search were done,nope! I have an 86 cr,my brothers uncles nephew said 60;1 oil was good!You do not take dirtbikes very seriously if you do not have all the pertinent information for your bike on hand!


Apr 26, 2007
drgriffi1 said:
..."Get a manual" isn't helping anyone, now is it?
On the contrary, getting the proper manual for your bike is the biggest help there is. If you plan on working on your own bike it's just plain stupid not to get a service manual for it. :coocoo: I have a small machine shop and have been working on bikes for 30+ years so there isn't much I don't know how to do, yet the first thing I buy when I pick up a bike is a service manual. If you pay attention, the other guys who are suggesting he get a manual are some of the most knowledgeable and helpful guys on this board so dismissing their advice is short sighted. :bang:


Aug 22, 2006
go down to your local bike shop and ask the parts guy if he can look it up. ya gota go there to get the oil anyway,and while your there see if they have a manual. if not order it. then when you get it look it over dont wait till something breaks before you look at it. and like someone else said it should also be on the motor somewhere in cc's


May 20, 2007
Just call your local dealer and ask em, They will tell you exactly how much you need. You can also buy a mesureing cup with mixing ratios, cc's, OZ. so on for about $5


Mar 10, 2006
Tranny oil amount

Hi new rider,

Just to confirm the volume of oil you have to add to your bike is 750 cm3, the grade of oil is 10W-30, Yamalube Gear is Okey. Make sure to replace it every 6 hours. Also it is worthwhile to measure the volume of used oil every time you drain the used oil, it should about the same you put in, if less then some oil is getting into the crankcase by a worn oil seal, it is a 1992 motor so some wear may exist in that seal.


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