Hello To All

Jul 2, 2003
Finally took the plunge and switched from road to offroad when the forces kindly posted me out to Cyprus for 3 years :)
Bought a KDX250SR as advised to start on 2-S to learn and went out on first ride last weekend (only 170kms) in preparation for a 3 day run on some serious firebreaks next weekend and i have really got the bug now, but i do miss my electric start.
Managed to pick up one problem with the bike after we got back in whilst cleaning it noticed milky oil but wasnt that concerned as i managed to get stuck in a river and thought that water had managed to get in somehow from being submerged. Decided to take it to a garage to get a checkup with the 3 day ride pending so i could go on the ride knowing i had a sound bike to use.
Garage decided to tell me that my water pump oil seal had gone but not a problem to change as long as he can get a replacement.Well a week later and he still cant get hold of one so they are now going to take the seal to the suzuki garage to see if they have something similar but i am not holding my breath. I have emailed a few dealers in the UK hoping they can get one for me ASAP but it seems hard to find available parts for my bike in the UK. US sites are great if only they would ship to UK and those that do seem to charge excessive shipping. Does anyone know of good places to get parts in the UK that are readily available?