Jul 22, 2007
i bought my daughter a pw50 today,dealer has no helmets for kids under 8. where do i get a full faced helmet for her.

also should i teach her to ride with training wheels first


Jan 30, 2002
Here's a start for the helmet.

There's a tab for sizing. And realizing that she's a growing little girl, don't buy it a size to big to give her room to grow into it. If its loose, its not effective. Make sure that thing fits snug!!! Also make sure it's a Snell certified.

Steve St.Laurent

Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 6, 2006
0 has a lot of kids stuff. They are good about exchanges when the sizes are off and they have good prices. I bought all my daughters gear there.


Aug 21, 2005
tony91 said:
Also make sure it's a Snell certified.
This is a problem, to my knowledge, and based of information that I have read on the Snell Foundation's website, there are only 2 manufacturers that bother having their children's helmets Snell certified. Fly is one, I don't recall the name of the other (it has been 3-4 months since I checked).

Do not buy your child's helmet online. She needs to put it on her head before you take it home. It definitely needs to be snug, although you can put a small amount of padding in it to improve the fit (I have purchased helmets that came with foam inserts).

A dealer that says that there are no helmets for kids under 8 is being a little lazy. Age has little to do with the size of a head. You probably need a child's XS helmet, but a small could fit. If you have other dealers in your area, check them out. I have found that often different shops will have better supplies of a certain type. This is usually based on what they sell the most of.

Basically, find a shop with a good assortment of MX helmets, and take your girl to try a few on. Try different brands, and even different models of each brand.

IMO, training wheels=NO!


Aug 1, 2007
i am new to the forums but i would say no to the training wheels imo she would have to learn how to turn again and all that once you took them off because she doesnt need to lean into corners with them on but she wil need to with them off unless she is going really slow
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