help! first time rider @ waterman

Jan 14, 2008
ive never ridden a real dirtbike b4, i had a it200 that i rode in the woods about 5 years ago, but it wasnt anything like my 03 i took it out to the local indoor track and just got in the way.i was going so slow, i was in 1st gear almost all the way around the track.the whoops are like hip high and the big table top is about ten feet tall.this thig looks like a mini supercross track and its all i have to ride on untill it thaws out here in chicago.i guess what im looking for is words of wisdom and any help or tips you guys might have.
did anyone at waterman on sat mind me going slow untill i get the hang of it?i seriously rode the bike up my street once, and thats the only seat time i have.i just dont want to be in the way and cause a dangerous situation.i was the one on the brand new 03 rm250 two stroke,no numbers, renthals and tag clamps.crawlin.