May 30, 2007
Hey everyone, well I bought my first dirtbike and yes you guessed it it's a kdx 200. I 've alot of experience with street motorcycles but none dirt. I am so glad that this website exists because I am sure that someone on here nows the answer to my problem...I hope. So I just bought the bike it's a 96 in mint shape, just needed a new front tire. Well I thought this was a fairly easy task to complete but leave it to me to break somthing, the cover on the right fork with the 4 bolts that keep ot on, I was tightening this up and over tourqued this and snapped off a screw. PLease tell me that this can be replaced. I quickly just put the other ones back on and had to put her back in the shed due to being called to work and haven't had a chance to get back at er.....but have been thinking about it and I can't recall being able to replace the screw, I really hope I don't have to replace the whole right fork for a screw!!!!! Anyone with any help or a mod that I can do to fix this , the cheapest way Idealy!!!! I'll be checking this regularly fairly soon.

Thanks again!!!!!!!



May 5, 2007
You should be able to remove the broken screw using a form of broken bolt remover device. Just check a hardware store. Some you have to lightly drill at then use something that looks like a screwdriver. Then just check a parts place Google Kawasaki Parts and go to the site bikebandit. Then just get the screw you need.


Dec 13, 2006
I assume you are in the US. The tool is called an easy out. Sears sells them. If all else fails, drill and retap or use a heli-coil. Sears also sells tap and die sets and heli-coils.

Most bolts use 12-15 pounds of torque. That is not alot. Carfull with the muscles.

When replacing a bolt use Grade 8 hardware. I replaced almost every bolt on my bike with premuim spec hardware.

I also use blue thread lock on damn near every bolt and nut. Don't use the red.


Jul 4, 2005
You are saying screw, but do you mean stud? Four studs are the stock method. Unless someone has broke all four and replaced all four with a screw or bolt, then it should be studs, Kawasaki part number 172G0622 as mentioned. It is a 6mm x 1mm stud that extends out of the hole 22mm. The torque value is 78 inch-pounds, if I remember correctly.

There is also a specific method to bringing all four up to the proper torque.
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