Feb 13, 2005
Just got an 06 sxf 250 and I just love it. Nowhere in the manuals does it explain how to check the valve clearance and/or adjust it. I've been riding crf's and the honda manuals are good at explaining how to do these things, but no mention in the ktm about this or changing the piston or any other TECHNICAL information. I asked the dealed where I bought it and they said that they weren't aware of any other "service" manuals that comes with the bike, and that people usually just bring the bike into to shop when it needs service...yeah right. I'm sure I can figure it out by tearing into it but I sure would like some instruction...please help. Thanks.


Mar 15, 2000
I use this technique: but your's is a dual overhead cam, and if I remember right, has shims.

KTM has been sending their mechanics to school for this engine, you might find a mechanic that has been, and let him do the first coupla valve adjustments. KTM historically has sold service manuals on CD's, I have one right here beside my computer for bikes up to 2004. See if your dealer will order/sell you one for the new engine...

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