HELP! KDX Interchangable Parts?


Jun 8, 2008
I would appreciate any information on what year of KDX's that parts will exchange with?
I have a 1986 200 KDX C1 and am having trouble finding Parts Like; Carb to Cylinder Side "Carb Holder" or Carb Boot.
Headlight number plate.
Replacement seat or Factory fit seat cover, etc.

Thanks for any help

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Not sure about the specific parts you mentioned, but your bike is extremely similar to the '87 and '88 KDX200. Identical in most ways, with very minor differences over '86 - '88.

It would not surprise me if the headlight/number pate from a '89 - '92 would fit. When a new model comes out, Kawasaki often changes part numbers even if the parts don't change.

Some after market headlights from companies such as UFO and Acerbis are a universal fit and could work, but they will probably not list your 20+ year old bike in their applications charts. Maier also used to make a headlight that looked sort of like the stock one - not sure if they are still around, though.

Also, you could check with Jeff Fredette at Fredette Racing Products. He knows those bikes better than anyone else and my have some parts laying around to sell.

Not sure of the exact cross over, but apparently a KX500 seat cover will work on some of the older KDXs.

On old bike stuff, it never hurts to call companies directly, as they will not show your bike on their websites or catalogs.


Jun 8, 2008
Thanks, do you think this would hold true for the carb holder?
also what year of KX 500 seat cover should I be looking for to fit my 86' kdx?

Thanks again for all Help!
Dec 25, 2007
dirt bike dave said:
Not sure about the specific parts you mentioned, but your bike is extremely similar to the '87 and '88 KDX200. Identical in most ways, with very minor differences over '86 - '88.
there are differences between C1/C2 and C3 models, C1 and C2 have MIKUNI VM34SS carbs fitted and the C3 has a KEIHIN PWK35 carb, the part no. of the rubber intake manifold (carb holder) for the C1/C2 is 16065-1138 and the C3 is 16065-1161.
maybe you could find some one breaking a C3 and retro fit the intake/carb, but remember to get the rubber duct from carb to air cleaner aswell (part no.14073-1335)


Nov 19, 2002
parts that will interchange with '86 KDX200...

seat foam, seat cover
KX125 84/85/86/87*
KX250 84/85/86/87*
KX500 84/85/86/87*

carb manifold
KDX200 86-88
KX125 85 (maybe 84)
KX250 85/86 (maybe 84)
KX500 85/86 (maybe 84)

side panels
KDX200 86-88*

piston kits
KDX200 86-07*

forks, triple clamps, steering bearings
KX125/250/500 85-88*
KDX200 86-07*
(basically the the KDX's stuck with 43mm forks from 86 on. The lower leg changed in 95 when they went to a wider diameter axle and different brake mounting. The complete fork from any year would slot straight in to your clamps. KX's used a 43mm fork up until 88, which would also slot straight in. The triples from any year KDX or KX up to 94 would also fit onto your frame.)

rear shock
KX125 84-85
KX250 84/85
KX500 84/85

front and rear wheel bearings
KDX200 86-94*
KX125/250/500 86-87

splined kickstart boss
KDX 86-07*

rear MX fender
KX125/250/500 85

Front fender
KDX200 86-94
KX125/250 84 (maybe earlier) to 89
KX500 84 (maybe earlier) to present day

front wheel
KX125/250/500 84-88 (would need to customize spacers)*

rear wheel
KX125 85
KX250/500 85-86

This is a list based on stuff I know for sure* and confident guess work. I've been doing an '87 KDX based project so have spent far too long working this stuff out on Ebay and on the parts diagrams on (go to owner's info on the left hand side to find parts diagrams so that you can match up parts numbers)

potential upgrade combos...
84 KX500 tank (not vital, just a neat looking tank)
KX125 USD forks and triple clamps 91/92/93/94
swingarm/rear disc/wheel set-up from KX250/500 1986
hard seat foam from Guts racing KX500 85-87
This stuff should just bolt on to your bike, but check the visuals and measurement first (ie keep the receipts!) These mods would make a big difference to the ride. All at bargain prices if you spend enough time on ebay...

Like Dirt bike Dave says, everything on 86-88 KDX200 is interchangeable.

Hope this helps.
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