Help KX450f takes 10 to 15 kicks before it starts

Mar 16, 2023
2007 kx450f kick starter is not only very tight like there is a lot of compression, it also takes so many kicks to get it started. Why? I bought it off someone and it could only be bump started. So I did the valve adjustment ad new spark plug and when I was done or so I thought . The kick start locked up. So went back in the head and found that the timing was way off. So I timed it correctly and re adjustment of the valves. Then boom it stared in 3 kicks. But was still very tight and hard to start. And still is ever since. It's tight and takes like 15 of those hard kicks to start. It is a big ass bike and I am on the shorter average side so it already hard to start the monster. But any one know why it's so tight? So much compression? Oh and on like the 7th kickit will pop off back fire like a gun shot. Maybe the carb should probably be cleaned? Maybe that will make it Start faster. Who ever had this bike before me did.not take care of it at all.


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