Apr 11, 2001
I recently bought an 83 KDX200. It wasn't in that great of shape but not too bad. I replaced piston and rings, had the cylinder bored and replaced the CDI and the coil. Now I put the bike all back together and I'm not getting any spark at all. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also I did try and check the magneto coils but I dont know anyone with a remover. But as far as i could see with a flashlight they looked OK. PLEASE HELP!!!!:(

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Assuming you don¡¦t have one:
Buy yourself an el cheapo digital multi meter (real cheap & invaluable). Click it on to ohms (Ă) touch the test wires together & it will read 0.0 meaning connection.

If you had a manwell for your ignition you could check with certainty.

But you can check that, for instance the ignition coil is not shorted directly to ground (except at the earth point) & that the kill switch isn¡¦t permanently on. Also check that the sparkplug cap is ok (typically 5k resistance). Check that the CDI earth wire is infact grounded.

OK without the manual here¡¦s where you start getting experimental. Basically one of the wires is earth & the others will be the lighting & ignition coils. These will be fairly low resistance, the lighting one may appear as a short. If any of the coils appear open they are faulty. This is simplistic but should find the majority of the obvious faults without writing a book.

Happy hunting.

A universal jap threaded flywheel puller should set you back say $15, or thereabouts.
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