Sep 14, 2001

110 km/h, back wheel locked up, ouch that will cost was all I could think of.

I think I've dropped a ring, the motor will (now) turn over but compression is shabby to say the least.

Can anybody help with details of how to pull the KIPS apart when doing a top end re-build. Some scans from a service manual would be much appreciated. I haven't pulled down a bike with a power valve before so any info is better than none.

The bike is a 11/90 KDX 200F (Australian road legal model, we had 2, 1 could be registered, 1 couldn't) It has a steel tank, oil injection and is water cooled. It also has E-1 cast on the cylinder head.

If anyone can help with info please send to


Aug 29, 2001
It's really not that complicated.

Just make note of the removal order as you take it apart, and reverse it for assembly. The parts are a little tricky to fit in place, and align on the geared actuator rod but with a little patience can be done.

I can scan the alignment markings from my manual, but it's in Japanese. I'm sure the diagram would be helpful though.

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