Help, Scored HEAD...what to do?!?!?


Jan 9, 2007
Hey all,
First thread here but lots of time gathering info and A BIG ataboy to all ya'll that take the the time to type and share valuable experiance w/us all out here...
Here is my situation...I just recievd a ported and plated cylinder/w/new piston and mod head but the head is scored and has some knurly sections. I paid alot for these and I would have thought the head would be CHERRY but no such luck. There are two scores one is about 1/4 inch long and 1-2 mm wide and about an mm deep. Man I am way bummed here just bad luck w/my kids bike layer after layer (03 rm65)The head mod is a two step bevel and the score is on the first down slope extending just a bit into the last so the piston will make very little if any contact to the area.
And as for the rest of it there are a few pits and rough knurly spots here and there...Advice?
Thanks All!!!

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