Help with KLX-250 Jetting/Carb.....


May 16, 2001
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with changing the jetting on my '00 KLX-250?

I have a Foran Header and Pipe, which is basically a straight through exhaust, with no noise baffles or padding (made in Australia). My bike ?backfires? when I let the throttle off, and I think it is running too rich.

How do I chage the jetting? Which pin is which? Is there anything I should be careful of?

Any responses would be appreciated.

KLX Spode

Feb 29, 2000
If the backfiring is not very bad, I'd say it's pretty normal for a four-stroke with open exhaust. If the backfiring is excesive, check the headpipe to the head connection and make sure there is no exhaust leak ther because that will make it backfire horibly! The best way to check if it's too rich is to make a high speed run, and pull in the clutch and kill the motor and cost to a stop(prefereably close to the tools!;) )Then pull the plug out and check it. If it is too rich, the plug will be dark tan to almost black. Too lean and it will be white to very light tan. Hope this helps!

Michael Coons

Apr 12, 2000
Backfiring means your mixture is to lean. You have not given
anyone any specs to help you. Do you have the standard CV
carb ??? Altitude ??? Dry climate ??? Temperature ???


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