Help with KTM


Dec 26, 2003
Hello Everyone. Im deciding on which bike I should get. It will be my first. I've ridden a CR250 a little a while back but other than that, I know very little about dirt bikes.

Im 18, 6'2 and weigh 215. The kind of rideing i'll be doing is just rideing around on dirt trails. No woods, No races. I was wanting to get a KTM but dont know exactly which one would fit me best. SX, EXC, MXC. It wont be new bike, I was thinking late 90s, like a 99.

I was thinking a 250 SX or a 300 EXC 2 stroke. But like I said I dont know much about bikes and dont know if either would be a good choice or not.


Mar 30, 2002
SX-for MX and SX;top end power for jumping and WOT
EXC-for enduro, HS, and woods;low end power for trails
MXC-for cross country and baja;more low end than a SX, more top end than a EXC

If your doing wide trails and dirt roads a MXC is the bike. If the trails are tight its the EXC. If your leaving the ground and going 70mph a lot pick the SX. A 200,250, or 300 are the cc sizes. Most importantly get a 2 stroke.:thumb: