Jun 25, 2010
I am replacing the right side crank seal on my 07 Cr125. I opened the bike up to get to the seal and before I even took the gear that is in front of it off I can see that the seal is not in the hole. :yikes: I need to know how far down I should put the new seal. I know not to make it touch the bearing but ho close should it be? Also I was going to put a little Belray waterproof grease on the inside and outside of the new seal. Am I correct that I should use the grease?


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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
If you use any grease, make sure it's grease that's designed for use on orings and seals. Otherwise the grease could eat up the rubber.

I'd put the seal in until it's just flush with the seal boss.. Any further and you risk it rubbing the bearing.


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Oct 19, 2006
I put on it, what its going to be in. This time, trans oil. If you look real close, there is a bevel on the seal, and a bevel on the case. The correct depth usually works out the same as flush on top. Maximum hold on the seal, and not too deep to block the oil hole that feeds the main crank bearing/ rub against the bearing. Now, back to the seal is not in the hole part? What is up with that? Your bike has a big collar that goes inside the seal? And makes what you are doing a lot easier? Have you done this before? No up and down movement at the crank end? Did the bike run before you took it apart? A spooge monster? Keep the water proof grease for suspension parts. Vintage Bob

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