Hey..New rider

Aug 11, 2007
Hey..Im Cory, 16 years old, from Michigan. Ive been looking into riding for a couple years now, and finally got a job and enough money to get a bike. I found a Yamaha for sale, not sure the model, but its a '97 125cc's, and the owner said he'd let it go for $1200, so im looking into getting that.

I live on 3 acres of land with about 5 acres of woods around that. Gotta learn the noise and zoning laws around my county though to ensure no lawsuits =P. I have a small neighborhood to the left of my house, but only a couple people to the right where all of the woods are, so im hoping I will be able to work something out with the neighbors so I can ride on my property. If not, my uncle owns farmland and woods about an hour north of where I live, I just dont want to have to drive an hour every time I want to ride.

A buddy of mine has been riding for a couple years now and my uncle has been riding for a long time, so hopefully ill be able to ride with them. They both have 250's, so ill have to push my 125 to keep up, but it should be fun =P