Hey now that Yogurt is back


Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
Can we expect more stories of the fabled snow double? :aj:
Or how about some more lessons on bringing your bike up from the basement after working on it :laugh:
Wish we would have archived some of your youthfull tales of woe (and learning from it) in your absence we had MooCow (wonder where he went) among others to carry on the tradition


Dec 25, 1999
Yup, I'm back and in an all new flavor! :cool:

I took a regretful and unneccessary hiatus from DRN. But I never stopped riding or following my favorite sport/hobby in the whole world. But now I took up a subscription to DRN, and might even upgrade that to Support Team member soon.

Funny you should mention the snow double. I was just thinking about it a few days ago. I doubt I'll do it this year, because I got a sprakling clean bike, with new good tires, and I don't wanna stud them up. I regret not ever trying the snow double I put so many hours into building. But back then, my '94 CR125 kept blowing up every time I tried riding it, it was always something else.

And good news about the basement, we added a walk-out sliding door to it, as we are fininshing off our basement. So now if I choose I can wheel in through with ease, instead of the basement steps with a 90 degree turn at the bottom. :eek:

And the best news about finishing off our basement, just adding the walk-out sliding door, we had a lot of excavating done, and we had 6 truck loads of dirt to move, I said "hey, I know a good sport for it all! My MX track!" And the landscaper, left his bobcat at my house for the weekend, so I already moved it all. So for that I am very thankful this Thanksgiving!