Jun 18, 2001
I want to thank all of u all for ur suggestions but i still have another question is the kdx a 2 or 4 stroke and i still dont feel that i can handle ne thing over a 200 or 125 cause im not strong and im pretty skinny so juss answer these questions and i will b greatly appreciative...thanks

Bill Hibbs

Aug 25, 1999
A KDX is technically a 2 stroke but many call it a 3 stroke because it runs so much like a 4 stroke. What they mean is the engine can be lugged down to lower RPM's and has good low end torque like a typical 4-stroke bike would have. Hope this helps.


May 25, 2001
Dont worry bout your strength, from your size unless you have no muscles and all fat you should be able to control the kdx. My friends a toothpick at 120 lbs , and he can control the KDX. Trust me its a wicked bike and im considering getting one this fall or maybe next year when im not broke.

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