Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 16, 2002
Hi Folks: You know how it is - when ya gotta go ya gotta go… Of course we are talking about playing in the snow.. I had a chance to ride with one of my FAVORITE riding buddies of all time last night! Not only is he a true riding buddie but he is also a VERY dear family member so he gets “special” treatment from ol Woodsy – just ask him and he will tell you how “special” I treat him!! His name is Jon and his “nick name” is “Cart Wheel” – if you ever get a chance to ride with CW (Cart Wheel gets hard to say) feel free to ask where the name came from and I am sure he will be glad to explain it!
After finishing up CW’s tires at my house last night (ol Woodsy don’t put screws in for everyone CW!! – SPECIAL) we headed out to see just how tricky the Holton loop could be in the dark. We had about enough time to get probably 10 miles of trail under our belts before the sun dropped out of sight. Holton hasn’t been ridden enough and it is tight enough that in the dark, parts of it were hard to follow! We discovered that the snow actually helped us distinquish the trail from the forest floor, but some of the trail had no snow (actually the Northern section if you can believe that). We found PLENTY of free laying stumps in whoops that you couldn’t see until you were on them, as well as LOTS of sticks being picked up by our Kold Kutters trying to “Skewer” our legs. I gotta be honest, in the sections with no snow I actually missed the white stuff!!
I have been working with CW for a year or so now on his “trail techniques” and he is a GREAT student and good learner!! Whenever he has ANY KIND of problem – bike related or not – his Dad (my brother-in-law) will tell him, “of course you have problems – look who you hang out with”. I love my Bro-in-law, he is ALWAYS telling jokes like that :) .
Jon and I finally found our way out of the dark woods onto some TWO-TRACKS to try out our “street legal” Kawasaki’s on these hard packed icy surfaces. We had a BLAST rippin back to the van. When we got back I was telling CW about 2big4akdx’s signature that says something like “a good ride is when everyone gets back to the truck in one piece..”. We both agreed that this was TRUE and that we had a truly good ride!! I am attaching a pic of CW “exploring” one of the trail techniques that I have helped him with!!! I can’t wait to spend more time with him so I can corrupt,,,,,, I mean, teach him more great things!!
See ya in the snow!


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