Holy crap! My 1984 KDX200-B1 is... go!

Mar 13, 2003
hey folks,

managed to get the ignition probs sorted out... (see old post...)found a flywheel, cdi unit and coil, hooked 'em up. cleaned the carb real good. waiting on a new air filter. very hard to come by here in oz.

a few kicks with slightly open throttle, and bingo! It's all go! nothing like an '84 rumbling between your legs.

pics will be up on my home page soon... before too long.

a side question... is choice of muffler/sliencer crucial, in particular for my '84 200? I see many aftermarket universal fit mufflers, repackable and all. they have similar mounting holes, so fitting one surely wouldn't be a problem. maybe an extension of the expansion pipe perhaps. would they be worth getting? wouldn't they rob performance, being a universal fit muffler?

thanks in advance.

Rob C.