Dec 25, 1999
Let's see, bottom end bearing are about $18, and the seals are about another $18. So that would be your parts list. If you have or pick up a Honda service manual for you bike, it should (might) show you how to split the lower end and how to replace those bearings. Otherwise, you could just take your whole motor out of your bike and bring it to a local shop for servicing. My rough guess would be about $125 (US) to have the parts and labor done for just the lower end bearings, if you already have your top end taken off. If you opt to bring it into a dealer, or other small engine shop, I would suggest, do as much work as you can to help save on labor prices. So take the top end off and unbolt the motor from your frame, and just bring them nothing but the bottom end. Good luck.


Jan 11, 2001
On a bike of that age I imagine you're going to want to have the crank rebuilt or replaced while you are down there doing the mains... I believe it's actually cheaper over there to just buy a Wiseco crank then to have the Honda one rebuilt...
It can be difficult enough to split the cases etc but if you have a decent mechanical knowledge AND A MANUAL you should manage it...


Mar 29, 2002
I had the same problem...

It costed me about $400, thats with my discount at the shop, to get the bottom end all fixed. I would definetly replace the seals, bearing, gaskets, and even more while it is open. It's not a good idea to do it yourself unless you have really good mechanical experience, you can do more damage than good if you don't know what you are doing. I'm pretty descent at mechanics, but when it comes to bottom ends, I give it to my mechanic. Good luck to ya.

Moto Squid

Jul 22, 2002
IMO clean the motor, take it out and take off the jug and all the side covers/clutch stuff. Once you get all those things off its quite easy for a tech to split it, replace the bearings/seals, check over the transmission, and put it back together. A new OEM honda crank isn't that expensive..$150 or something like that.
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