Oct 24, 2000
Would anyone have any pictures of Honda Hills in Ohio? I am looking for more tracks to race at and Honda Hills has been in the back of my mind since I started the sport and thought I would check it out one day:p But untill then, does anyone have any pictures of the track? I tried the District 11 site and the site but came up with nothing. Thanks


May 8, 2000
I had pics of the place but have no idea where they are now. The last time I was there which was in '94, it was a mulch/sawdust composition on the side of a hill. There were some nice jumps and the camping facilities were excelent. Also you could shower after riding so you didn't stink the truck up on the way home, but I have no idea what is there now.

Also in '88+- I heard a clank and bang on my frame rails. i went back to the turn and found a horse shoe in the dirt. In 1994 I went back after getting a new bike and in the same corner heard the same thing and found another horse shoe. I have no idea what I ever did with those either but you may want to put a skid plate on!!


Master of None
Jul 31, 2000
I was there at the beginning of last year watching a HS, the MX track is fairly simple, table top jumps and 10 foot tall birms :eek:
It appeared to be fairly well groomed, but keep in mind they hadn't done much racing since snow was still on the ground. They have a rather nice flattrack though :p
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