Dec 11, 2000
Just got a showroom mint 1999 DR650 SE :)and was wondering if there are any easy mods to get more throtle response, like air box cover removal, exhaust baffle removal or silencer replacement. Also it has a 42 tooth rear sprocket, so acceleration is not that great. I haven't found an aftermarket sprocket yet, all of the brands seen to stop at 1995 or 1996 models. I don't need to go 100mph so I thought maybe a 46 tooth might help. The bike is deceiving on the road. It is very smooth and you don't know how fast you are going until you look at the speedo. I have a Bandit 1200 so I guess I've been spoiled when it comes to acceleration. Also my KLX 300 seems like it will beat this bike in a short drag race (it IS 100 pounds lighter). Anyway, any help would be appreciated.:cool:
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