How do I figure out the model of a bike?


May 8, 2007
Hi guys as you can probably guess im very new too the sport. and my uncle wants to get my first bike. He mentioned somthing about a 250cc Yamaha and either he is going to get that for me, and keep his 200cc kawasaki. Or buy the new 250cc yamaha for himself and pass down his 200cc kawasaki. I think he is going to probably do the second option. I kinda hope he does because the kawasaki isnt in horrible condition but its not in great condition. mostly it needs cosmetics and a good cleaning with a new...think its the muffler...whatever the pipe is twords the front of the engine...anyway in a nutshell it needs some work done and id like to do it to get some hands on experience with repairing the bike other than riding it. but the problem is I dont know the year or model of the bike. the only thing I kno is that its a kawasaki. so how do I figure that out?

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
Take a decent picture of it and post it. Someone will then tell you.

Or, you could write down the VIN and call a local dealership. They should be able to tell you the year and model from that.

If it's a 200cc Kawsaki, it is most likely a KDX200 and I think most of those are very similar.
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