How do you select the right tires ...???


Feb 5, 2001
Hi ! how do you choose the right tires??
A.friends advices..( not always reliable IMO they all want to smoke you ..really) advices..(depends if you have a good or bad dealer !!mine's good..)
C.magazine review..(same as friends...not always reliable..) of infos ..but how to sort the good from the bad..??)
E.Use the scientific method and do your own tests...( costly and time consuming..)
F.all of the above.......(that's what i do..)

Seriously (?)i proceed by elimination ,i determine the predominent type of terrain i will use the tire on ,then i make a list of potential tires based on manufacturer's recommendation ...i then consult friend,magazine,dealer and for advice...after all that i make a choice and choose a tire set... then i do my testing ...after i give my opinion to friends ,dealer , you see the pattern here...:

And BTW what tire do you use ???

please forgive my bad english and thank you !!!!

KTM 520 EXC 01
Japanschrott?!Nein danke !!!
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