How to care for my new ktm400exc?


Mar 24, 2001
I would like to thank those who reply in advance.
I've just bought a ktm400exc. Have never owned a euro bike before so was wondering if i can get a few tips on how to maintain the bike and the way to ride it properly. :D Thanks alot!!!:cool:


Mar 19, 2001
That really depends on how thorough your dealer set-up was. I bought my
400EXC in April and had to do very little initial work. However if your dealer didnt do his job you will need to go over nuts and bolts to check for proper
torque. Be careful with the sprocket bolts as they tend to loosen up. Replace the kickstand bolt with a lifetime bolt because the stock one will break. Other than that just change the oil and filters very frequently. I change
my oil after every ride and my filters every other ride. Be sure and clean the
two screens also. I bought alot of aftermarket goodies/guards for mine but that is personal choice. I have had zero problems with my 400. It is a great


Jul 21, 1999
There are some good threads here and other KTM boards about this. Here's a partial list of stuff to do:
Blue Loctite:
Shifter bolt
Kickstand bolt
Kickstarter bolt
Front fender brace front bolt
Rear brake pivot nut
4 subframe bolts
(sprocket bolts come with red loctite from factory now)

Bearings to grease (I use Belray waterproof grease):
Steering stem
Brake pivot bearings
Chain roller bearings
Swingarm bearings
Wheel bearings
Some of the bearings are sealed. Just pop the covers off and force grease in and re-install the covers. Some have to be greased in place like the swingarm and lower steering stem bearings.

Get a skid plate and bark busters if you ride much offroad. I change my oil about every 150-200 miles and I do the filters and screens every 3rd time. From talking to some 2000 RFS owners, I think that may be a little earlier than really needed. There seems to be extremely low occurance of any oil related problems.
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