Dec 5, 2002
Is there a proper way to safety wire grips? Mine are glued on really good, but I want the added mental insurance that they're not coming off. Obviously, I've never safety wired before. I already ran a search and didn't find the answer. Any help is much appreciated. What else on the bike is safety wire used for besides grips?


Oct 31, 2001
If the grips are factory installed I would not worry about wiring them.  I have a few new bikes in the last two years and the stock grips are glued on so well that it is a pain in the butt getting them off.  If these are aftermarket, then I wrap the wire twice around the grip and use safety wire pliers to twist the end.  After cutting off the remainder I tuck the loose end, about 1/4", under the wire.  I  put wire as both ends and in the middle.

Mr. Clean

Nov 8, 2001
I safety wire my grips in three places. At both ends and in the middle. I cut the wire leaving about3 or 4 twists left on the remainder. Push that twisted piece in the groove of the rubber grip that was made with the wire. The twist should be between the ends of your fingers and your palm. Hope this helps.
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