Husaberg 350, 400, 500, 600


Could you try to compare their power to a 250 2-stroke ? :eek:
Is the difference between the years as big as with 2-strokes?

Also how do the price on engine parts compare to 2-stroke?

Why i ask is because i've been looking on 4-strokes for a while and found the husaberg interesting. I found a '91 500cc for $500 that needs some engine work.
Go to a Husa dealer and ask to see the parts catalog that they have. It's about the thickness of a magazine. Looking at that and the parts prices...xmission gears for instance, should be enough to scare the :p out of you!


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Well, what exactly do you mean by engine work? That can get spendy, depending on whether or not you have someone around who can do the work, and will do it at a reasonable price.

The rod(i forgot if thats the word) needs replacement. He says that the cylinder and top is ok. So i guiss maybe a rod and piston will do the work. If it was my 2-stroke it would cost me about $200. I wonder if there are any general price differences, for example how much does a piston cost?

I always do the work myself.

Is the rest of the bike perfect? Then maybe it would be worth it if you can get it running perfect without a lot of dough. But as Dale Lineaweaver said (the USA Husaberg guru) a Husaberg is only worth something if it starts and runs - if not it could be a huge can of worms with that 1991 and it might not be worth it!

I dont have much knowledge about 4-stroke but have spend much time on reparing 2-strokes. I guiss the bike is in parts, how much can be wrong that i cant see? On a 2-stroke i would say its not much more than the electric, but then a 4-stroke is more complex.

As far as the machine goes, they are big monsters of a bike. We own a 1992 FE501 that we bought before we knew any better and the thing is fast and will go anywhere, I often watch my boyfriend cruise up hills guys on new 426's are struggling to get up, and he has yet to explore 6th gear. But an easy to work on/easy to ride bike it is not.

Sounds good, thats what i want.

I notice you are in Sweden, so you might have better luck waiting to find one that is a little newer, that starts and runs strong, for a reasonable price. Here in the states you can find them from 1991-1996 for $1500-2500 that are in good running condition. A $500 bike can soon turn into a $2500 bike if the engine work is you will always find other things it "needs" along the way.

Somehow the 4-strokes are as expensive or even more than in usa, when the 2-strokes are much cheaper, strange. I dont know where i have a dealer near so i cant really check the prices with them.


Hi !

The parts might be quit cheap in Sweden. I buy parts from England and the parts there are very reasonable.
The Husabergs are actually very easy to work on compared to other four strokes as they are the most simplistic and spartan 4-strokes (the older models).


The 501 'berg is an excellent bike and would competitive today with updated forks, but this one should be looked at as a project. The engine is very simple. If it lost a rod, I would be concerned that it ran out of oil and other parts may be damaged as well. The early 'bergs had RAL (reed activated lubrication) and if the reed broke the bike used lots of oil and could run out of oil. Or it is possible if it is a high mileage motor (10,000+ miles), then it could be worn out, the pre '94 'bergs had steel/bronze clutches that worked great but all that metal took it's toll on the internals. The pre '94 'bergs were excellent bikes (built right, and cost what they cost to make), but then KTM took over and things went downhill (more attention to the bottom line, $$$$).