Aug 23, 2001
Got a '95 Husa 401 FE and with the clutch engaged, the
bike still wants to roll forward. It's as if the cable isn't
pulling the lever far enough. I've tried the "twisty"
adjuster on the clutch lever to no avail.

Any suggestions?


May 8, 2001
This is typical for high performance off-road bikes, it's called clutch drag. Part of the compromise for light weight i guess. I think some of the newer bikes have clutches that disengage better, but they all do it to some degree, some worse than others. I had a 510 Husky that was real bad, I just got used to engaging neutral while the bike was still rolling.



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Damn Yankees
Oct 13, 1999
Stretched clutch cable and grooved basket fingers come to mind. Try replacing the cable first. If this doesn't improve the situation you probably need to remachine or replace the clutch basket which would require disassembly of the clutch.

Then again, these items are typical for most dirtbikes. Husabergs aren't your typical dirtbike.


Feb 16, 2001
My 610 dragged the clutch untill I replaced all the plates, drive and driven.
They were all within spec, btw.
My 501 liked to be in neutral to start or it would drag, but I think yoyu can get it better with new plates.
The baskets are steel on these bikes so they don't get grooved up.
I think there is some updated cluch parts available from husaberg.
Also you can tune the action by adjusting the clutch arm angle to 90 degrees from the cable.
To do this you can alter the length of the pushrod or throw out brg washer thickness.
Also motion pro makes a clutch cable that allows you to route it better, and its cheaper than oem husaberg.

Scott in KC

Aug 28, 2000
Mine does it too and mine has very low hours. From what I've heard they all do it. You'll get used to it. If I were you, I would ride it for a while to see if you're liking the bike enough to spend money on it. I've heard too that there are some full clutch replacements, basket & all, that will help (not cure). I got used to it and luckily didn' t spend any money trying to fix it (mines going to be traded in more than likely.) Mine gets much better after the bike is hot, but you still won't find nuetral while stopped.
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