Husky Cr125 Cdi-ignition Isue/ Weird Performance

Aug 23, 2014
Hi everyone, i own a husky cr125 1999, the piston broke and the ring got stuck against it making no compression, i sent the bike to a shopp, a very good one actually, they made the engine bottom up so everything is new or in great conditions, they said carb is fine as well. Even though the engine runs good there is another issue that was happening even before the piston broke. When i ride and i twist the troothle and rev the engine avobe 5 or 6 thousand rpm it shuts of, like if you pressed the kill switch, and when you leave the engine to rev down to idle it starts running again. The engine doesn't idle smoothly, the mechanic checked everythin and affirmed it was an electric issue, because when you separate the spark plug cable (allowing it to run but watching the spark) and the bike does this you dont get spark at all. They made the coils again at the shop because they said they were faulty but didnt fix the issue (they didn't cgarge me that) and the hv coil was tested and working fine. Everything aims to the cdi, but i cant seem to find the replacement nowhere, any ideas about the issue or wich other cdi may be compatible? If not any diagram to build a custom cdi. I will test all the connections with my oscilloscope to see exactly whats happening anyway
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -


Jul 29, 2000
South America
I make custom CDIs for the KDX but if your ride uses a trigger coil as well as a stator coil then I can't help you. My CDIs use only the voltage from the stator coil. If necessary you can take the CDI apart and replace the SCR and the charge capacitor. Thats what I did to my CDI for my KDX which is how I found out its design. those two parts cost just a few dollars