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Feb 3, 2001
Just read on Cycle News.com that Caviga has sold Husqvarna to BMW. I have seen a couple of BMW dirt bikes on the web, but it looks like their influence will be even stronger after this purchase.


Aug 4, 2006
Yes, I read that Husqvarna would possibly be sold to BMW about a month ago. The info at that time was sketchy at best, with reps. from either side not confirming or denying the rumors. This situation could add another interesting dimension for potential off road bike buyers in a few years. BMW seems to be very interested in the off road market, and the purchase of Husky at this point seems to be very logical for them as a corporation. I am very interested in eye balling a BMW/HUSKY off road bike. This situation could open a can of worms for current Husky owners trying to obtain replacement parts though! Time will tell, could be a good thing......


Sep 19, 2006
Hmm, I guess I should stop telling people who owns Husky when they ask... Tis is funny, I work in a Husky dealer and I haven't heard of it, course Cagiva hasn't been the most pleasurable company to have to deal with. Once you get through the Cagiva guys and talk to the straight Husky workers then you it's great, parts within a day or two and really decent ones as well. Too bad I won't ever be able to afford either BMW or Husky. :'(

MadKaw Mike

May 23, 2006
The deal still has to go through the Europian Union. According to the agreement BMW will buy Hsq motorcycles division from Cagiva. The factory will stay in Italy. As for the US, CagivaUSA will remain the importer of the Husqvarna brand. Meaning everything should stay the same as it is now. With the exception of BMW cashflow , engineering prowess and global network.

Slowone if you have not seen a Husky lately, Check them out :) They are sweeter than candy :whoa:

Mike :ride:
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