Nov 16, 2000
I just baught a 01' TE570 and I love it. It is 3 pounds heavier then my 94' KTM 250EXC, and well, There is never any replacement for HOrsepower. The Rags say it steers and feels heavy. They are WRONG! This husky steers quicker them my Katoom and feels Lighter. You can ride it slow and crawl like a Trials bike over rocks. And then you can yank it out on the flat open desert (No head Shake)till your sphinkter starts to quiver. Its a blast! Any gear role-ons with a YZ/WR/400/426F. The husky will pull on Bottom and on top end. And when they are all topped out in 5th gear, The TE570 has a 6th gear seeee--yaaaa.
One problem with the Husky. I am riding it so much, I don't have time to put my KTM 250EXC back togather and sell it.
By the way some details on horspower? My Buddy I raced, wieghs in at about 195 pounds. I weigh in at 365 pounds. Think about it, the husk hauls-ass.

Does any one want a 94'KTM 250EXC with a new Top-end? Great bike, California Street Licensed currant tags.$1500 OBO

Special Note: My KTM with my fat tush on it will run side by side with a YZ426F in a drag race from a stand still in a sand wash up untill 3rd-4th gear.



Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
You might try placing your KTM in the For Sale Forum to get it sold.

I ride, therefore I crash
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