Apr 23, 2001
I am going to buy a new bike with in the next few months and I need some advice.

Husky or Yamaha ?

I have ridden on an uncorked WR (no muffler and throttle stop filed down) and I must say it's a rocket on wheels, turns well and the barking is not to bad either, but I am a big husky fan and currently own a TE610. The new TE570 is reportedly much faster than the 610, but how does the 570 compare to the WR ?



Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
That new Husky will be heavier, taller, and slower steering than the YZ. It will have way more power off the bottom and about the same on top. It also will be bullet proof. The Husky will be just as hard to start. If you like your 610 my bet is you will love the new Huskies.

The YZF I rode had a really soft setup on the suspension stock. Too soft a setup combined with tighter geometry made for a bike that wallowed all over the place at speed. This was a setup issue that a set of springs and fork oil would fix. It was a nice machine other than that. It wanted to be pushed. Nice for the aggessive rider. A WR should be better in the lower part of the RPM range. There is a ton of aftermarket support and the magazines love them.

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Jun 16, 2000
Well, funny you should ask. I just rode both yesterday. Actually , the yamaha was WR 400. The Husky was a 2001 and th YZ was a 2000. The Husky totally suprized me the way it handled and felt. It has a more modern seating arrangement, much flatter with no bulbous tank. It is very narrow feeling and not all that heavy feeling. Contrary to some magazine reports.The left side kicker had me concerned and I could'nt start the bike.My friend had to start it for me. I'm only 140 lbs. so I,m kinda a wimpy bike starter.However, I did stall the bike out on the trail and I was able to get it started. I think the bike handles as good as the Yamaha. The motor is completely different. It does not even remotely rev out like the Yamaha.It has a ton of deceiving power.You lug it and when accelerating hard , short shift it.Unlike the Yamaha where you can just pin it and let it rev to the moon.The yamaha feels like the more fun of the two, just because of that unique power band.However, having never ridden a husky before, I was very Impressed. Very modern bike with very good suspension and more traditional four stroke power. The Yamaha, not as modern ergonomics, but with more explosive power. Less power, yet more burst.

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