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Nov 21, 2000
Any one know the difference in crank/cylinder/pistons between the 1980's era 430 and 500 air cooled motors?

Also what are the piston diameters for a 1982 430? Any one know the best place to by one?

Also how hard would it be to build something close to a 4 speed Stiletto out of 1970 OSSA Pioner? I and trying to build a AHRMA Classic 250 race bike.

Thanks in advance.


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May 27, 2000
Right forum, tough questions. I suggest you contact John Lefevre in Socal (Vintage Husky) to ask about the Swedish stuff. And the guy to talk to about Ossa's is Alex Shoop. Surf over to www.vmx-mag.com and check the links page. I think both are listed.

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Aug 2, 1999
Check with Stahls or Halls. The Husky Club may have the phone numbers. Both are very willing to give info and knowledge over the phone regaurding Husky questions. :thumb:
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