I feel like a goon (another wheelie crash story)

Aug 6, 2000
My friend calls me up and tells me he needs to borrow my moutain bike and I said sure I went out and grabbed and pumped up the tires (I have a habit of blowing them out jumping, overfilling, and riding on rought terrain)

Well I get them pumped up and I take her out before my friend comes over and I decided to pull a wheelie (not a easy task on this bike) and I get it up my front wheel twist and I couldn't get the front straight before I hit the (the front wheel is pretty much side ways at this point) and I totally wipe out. I roll on the ground and get right up and look around to make sure my friend wasn't there yet, luckly he wasn't. So I pick up my bike andride it back into my garage to give a pick check over (can't hurt that bike).

Right now I feel like a total spode (are there spodes in moutain bikeing or are they just goons then?:confused: )


Jul 5, 2001
I dunno how yall guy ride wheelies on those things.:think Maybe I'm just mountain bike challeneged.:confused: Glad nothing to bad happened to you.
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