Oct 9, 2000
I am SO happy! I got a new bike this weekend. I got a "used" 2001 KX125 with 2000 dollars in Tom Morgan motor work(really!) and factory connection suspension that is very close to correct for me!

The bike is barely ridden. The cases and plastic ignition cover are not even scratched up. The bike also has the Vortex 2 curve handlebar adjustable ignition. It was also a pretty good deal in my book at 3800 dollars.

I took it for it's maiden voyage on Sunday and was super impressed. The bike does not feel super fast, but it is. It has no hit and revs forever. All I have to do is roll on the throttle in the low end setting and I am in the powerband. No clutch work needed. Then, down the straigt I just switch it to top end and never have to shift.

The suspension is pretty good. It is not very plush when riding very slowly, but when you get agressive, it just gets better and better. It never kicks or bounces, no headshake and never bottoms(I tried and left no ugly skidmarks).

Al the jumps that I could barely muster the speed to clear before are simple.

Only a couple problems;
1)The wheels need MAJOR truing.
2)One of the electrical connectors is cracked so it has to be zip tied to the frame
3)The graphics are rubbed off and the shrouds are a little cracked.
4)The grips are pretty bad(shaved stock).
5)When my twinwalls are on, the left side of the bar gets really crowded with the clutch perch, handguard mount, kill switch,and ignition switch, so I get a blister from my thumb rubbing on the ignition switch. I had to move the kill switch to the right side and it is a little hard to get used to.
7)It revs so freely that I am constantly wide open (near the rev limiter and yes this ignition has one), so I think I am going to wear top ends out really fast.
8)The SST pipe has some dents and the shorty silencer is obnoxiously loud.

But, these are all minor problems and mechanically and otherwise, it is perfect. The 3 hour drive to look at it was well worth it.

BTW, a little observation I have. Whoever started the whole idea that speed is 95% rider and 5% bike is very wrong IMO. I went many times faster on this bike then I ever have on my previous bike. It is easier to ride and tires me out less.

BTW2, anyone want a 99KX125 in really good condition?

Also, when I get the new graphics on, I will post some pics.:)


Jan 1, 2001
Thats really a great deal. I'm happy you like the new ride. To bad you don't live near Tx, I might want to buy your old bike. :D Hope you get the bugs worked out. Have fun riding.

Lee Wilson


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Dec 10, 2000
Congrats, kawie. Sounds like a great machine you have there. And the rider is still 95%, but riding a mini bike at your utmost limit will still be slower than riding a 500 at your best.

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