i may have been wrong! 4 strokes can be cool!

joe woj

Oct 29, 1999
ok everybody knows that im anti- 4 stroke, but i have to admit that i just changed my mind !!, i may have been wrong, a friend of mine has just bought a cannondale, and the bike is so innovative i cant belive it, first off its a fuel injected it has a elec fuel pump! its totally wild, the carb sits in the front of the cylinder, with the exaust exiting out the rear! after a bit of thinking it just makes sence to do it that way, the gas tank sits under the seat where most bikes air boxes are, keeping the center of gravity low, so the bike feels lighter, the suspention is top notch linkless rear ohlins front and rear " enough said", the bike is mostly billet alum parts and the quality is first class, also the oil in the crankcase is seprate from the oil that the clutch baths in, i really like that idea for heat and particulate reasons, once again it just makes sence, another cool feature the bike has is a slick cassette gear box that comes right out to change your gear ratios, fast and easy, just like a indy car, all stainless braided brake lines, it is a real sweet bike and i know that alot of the mags are giving it a bad rap, but then the big four are paying their bills to if you think about it so what are they gonna say,? my freind just got it broke in, since we only live 1 hour from the cannondale factory bedford PA., they asked him to bring it up for them to tear it down to make sure everything looks good !, when was the last time the big four asked you to bring in your bike to check it out for you free of charge! , also the bike with fuel injection is so responsive that its just plain scary in the woods so the factory has other programs for the fuel injection that would be better for the woods and are going to put it on his bike also, if i sound excited, i am, this bike is awsome, if you get a chance to look at one take some time and check it out , if you get a chance to ride one, do it, it wont dissapoint! its just a matter of time before it will be the bike to beat, this company really went out on a limb, not to follow the current trends, and be just another cookie cutter, and im sure glad to see that instead of just bold new graphics. now im not ready to give up the KDX but if i had a extra 8k sitting around id be thinking cannondale, if this is the future, and i think it is, things are looking pretty good!:p


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Dec 10, 2000
The Cannondale is a mixture of good ideas, questional ideas, and downright bad ideas. It has the potential to be a good bike, but it still needs a lot of R & D work to sort out all the bugs.

Don't get me wrong, the bike is a fantastic first effort, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes any competition to the existing brands.


Mar 29, 2001
I had a WR400R 2000 and It was more powerful and weight less, but
it still to heavy for tight trail. 285lbs with fuel, oil. OUCH !!

I sold the WR400 and bought the best wood bike : KDX220R 2001.

Did I told you about the starting procedure ??
And I think the FX400 is at 275lbs, real weight with fuel, oil !!

The real bike for trail ride without a budget problem is the KTM 200 !

But I can say that Cannondale is on the right track !!

KDX220R 2001
Still stock for now
FMSQ #215

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