Nov 27, 2013
Firstly I'm a big boy 6'4" 310 lbs, I'm not a fatty just your average football playing athletic farm kid. I realized that's pretty heavy for a dirt bike but I've had my shocks revalved on my sled for jumping in the ditches, but I have no idea how the rear suspension works on a dirt bike. I'm pretty aggressive, I have a pretty decent quad, Can Am Renegade XXC and I pound wood trails pretty well. I ride standing on that 80% of the time so aside from using my legs as stability the riding shouldn't be that different at least starting off. I've been riding utility quads and sleds since I was about 12, I'm 28 now, ride about twice a month with one week long trip to Hatfield McCoy or Black River Falls, WI once a year.

I severely doubt I will race, there's nothing nearby and I'd rather watch. As far as mechanically inclined it depends on what it all involves, I can change tires, clean carburetors, swap plugs, preventative maintenance on my snowmobile skid etc. I can't reliably do any engine work or things like that.

As far as preference I'm the guy that looks at forums and reads about how good X quad's engine is versus Y and I'm all but sold there, then I read something later that says B's suspension rips X's. I rely heavily on others opinions, I have an 05 Suzuki Ute 700, the engine is unbreakable it's been rolled several times and keeps going. But if Can Am made a dirt bike I'd probably follow suit because I run mostly BRP products.

Price range I'm going for $3000-$4500, I'd rather deal with a 4 stroke and EFI if that's possible, engine size I'm up to your experience, I'd like a good beginner bike that I can't get too injured on but I ride a 1000cc atv so I'm used to big power and believe that an 80cc toy can kill you if you're not responsible. The worst part of the winter is buying oil for my Ski doo. There are all but Husaberg and KTM dealerships nearby but for the right deal and the right dealer I'll drive if I have to. But again, I have no experience with dirt bikes and if a reliable dealership is needed for repairs and such then I need to look into that more. I drive my quad an hour and a half north to get warranty and recall work done but most things (bent bars, faulty kill switches, change the oil) I do myself.

I live in Iowa, near the Mississippi more specifically so most of my riding is farm land turned OHV trail and some north woods riding.

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Apr 18, 2006
You are going to need a full size bike. Yamaha YZ series, Honda CRF, etc. Any of the top brands are going to do well for you. You can debate the merits of Yamaha vs Honda vs Suzuki etc. all day long but they are all good solid bikes.

Stay away from the "trail" bikes. These are the less expensive models that have limited suspension travel. Based on what you have described I would say you are going to need all the suspension travel you can get.

Nothing smaller than a 250 four stroke, a 450 would be my recommendation. You don't need or want anything bigger than that.

The suspension on these bikes is adjustable and should suit your needs for a while. If your skill increases to the point where the suspension is an issue you can easily replace the rear spring and have the shock revalved. I would bet that you wouldn't need to do that for several years, however. The stock shock has a fair range of adjustment on the compression and rebound so you can tune it to fit your need. You might want to replace the spring fairly soon, however. You can adjust the initial "sag" easily but with your weight you will eventually need a stronger spring. Don't worry about it right away, however.

Fuel injection isn't going to happen in your budget. You are going to be buying a bike that is four to six years old and EFI on dirt bikes has only been available for the last year or two.

Make sure you get the proper riding gear:
Chest protector

I highly recommend
riding pants
knee pads
elbow pads

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