Ignition coils, do they interchange?


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Feb 6, 2003
My coil for the spark plug went out and I can get a replacement from the dealer for 40 pounds.  But I could buy an universal coil for CDI at 15 pounds. 

I realize that the mounting is not the same, but does that matter much and internally is it different? I don't think so, but no one hear I talk to can give me an educated answer.  I see that a kx 500 and a kx60 share the same coil so how could things be very different as long as it is designed for CDI-one-wire-input.

Also a loosely related question;  In a pinch why couldn't someone use the lighting coil to power the CDI when the stator goes out.  I know they are sized different and you would have to switch some wires around but does its size/output and position on the stator plate make it impossible to use it.  And don't be an a$$ and say that my lights would not work if I did that.