I'm putting lights (Baja Designs/E-line) on my '06 YZ250


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O.K., I've searched this topic several times and read most of what I could find. Now I'm ready to make the 'plunge.'

Anybody have any tips or suggestions before I lay down my $ and start working on this?

I'm planning on going the whole route, with a battery, etc., and making it street legal (in some state,) though I probably will not install turn signals on it.

I've got a metric (Japanese) terminal kit and several old wiring harnesses to rob plastic connecters from, if needed.

This should be fun! :ride: I'll keep you all posted. By the way, I couldn't decide whether this forum, or the "GNCC/HS/Enduro" forum.

Rich Rohrich

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I can tell you from experience that spending some extra time and money to install proper weathertight connectors will be worth the investment.

The connectors and the crimp tool seem expensive on the surface, but it's cheap in the long run.

You can get the MSD weathertight connectors from all the major online speed shops like Summit Racing and Jeg's .



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Thank you, Rich, for that tip! I have seen connectors like those, but did not know where to find them. I'll look them up!

If experience reminds me, I suspect that I may end up with more than one wiring harness, as I think of better ways to mount & install my components.

One of the things I'm working on is finding the right size battery (or maybe batteries,) to mount under the engine, in between the frame rails; basically on the E-line C/F skidplate.

I'm looking forward to 'exercising' my electrical knowledge! Tips & reminders like yours, Rich, make a good project go even better! Thanks again! :cool:


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MeanorMX said:
Good luck passing emissions.
Hey. MeanorMX, you haven't even been in the same room with me, how would YOU know about MY emissions? ;) :nener: :yikes: This seems a little bit personal, to me!

My YZ will pass plenty of emissions, whether I ride it on the street or the dirt. Some states (in some countries) do not require emissions testing of any vehicles. I know of very, very, few that require bikes to be tested!


Keep us up to date on how the project goes. I plan on adding lights to my 05 if the darned KDX will ever sell. A few more weeks here and night riding will be the only way to get out while it's under 95 degrees.


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BTW, Adam, I have run my '06 YZ125 with NiteRider Hellfire battery powered lights, along with a set of their Skullsplitter helmet lights. I could see great in the woods! There was no open, fast sections where I was riding, so I can't speak to how they would be in those conditions. If you can afford them, I recommend them.