Jeff Gilbert

N. Texas SP
Oct 20, 2000
Sometime during the hare-scrambles of DW04 I wore out my knees. I raced 2 weeks ago and though my knees felt better, my left shoulder feels like it has popped out of socket. To top it off my bike hasn't ran that good since DW, probably time for some new parts. :clue:

Anyway, yesterday I headed out to the track for a little riding and even though I felt a little better, I still felt akward. Just about time to leave, this fellow comes up on a new KX250F and askes me if I want to ride it. I said "Ah, I guess so." Aside from the levers adjusted too low and the bars having what seemed like a downward bend, I loved this thing. We traded bikes for a dozen laps or so and I smoked the guy in the corners and on the starts that was riding my bike, and he is clearly faster than I. The KX ran off from my bike on the start and I was able to hug the inside line like there's no tomorrow. In fact, every turn was so much easier that when on my bike. The KX seemed to squat and stick in the corners and never once did I feel like I was about to lose it.

The only mods to the bike was a Dr D pipe, everything else was stock. My 125 seemed to rev out a little more but who cares, the 4 stroke was already so far ahead by that time that it didn't matter too much. This was the best handling bike I've ridden and the most user friendly power from a stock machine. I'm impressed by the KX250F, for what it's worth.


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Damn Yankees
Jan 8, 2000
Welcome to the dark side.

That is what's known in the business as the $5,000 "free" test ride.
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