In regards to the the custom avatars.


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Jan 17, 2000
If you have recently become a member and already have a custom avatar I will be updating it soon. I will be moving into my new house today and this weekend and will get to the modifications Monday. Sorry for the delay, but I don't trust Okie to make the changes.:eek: He drives, steers and builds the ship... I paint it.


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Sep 9, 2000
Have fun moving this weekend and carry a box for me! :p You should do like that beer comercial and pack everything in beer boxes so your buds will think your hauling alot of beer in for the new house warming party.

Oh yeah, you can take til tuesday to get to the avatar's. Your welcome!
:D You'll need the extra day to rest and relax, Okie said he doesnt mind! :eek:

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