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May 3, 2000
Heck yeah! There was a 75 1/2 RM125M with a downpipe, then came the '76 RM125A. The RM125A was very competitive in '76, but things were moving pretty fast in the mid to late '70s, and the '77 and '78 RMs were even better.

In 1976, Yamaha made two versions of the YZ125 - the X and the C. The X was faster and had air forks, and won some of the magazine shootouts. The RM125 won the rest. The downpipe CR125 Honda still had a strong motor but was falling behind in suspension by '76.


May 10, 2007
I had a 77rm125 about ten years ago. It was sweet, in an old beat mx'er kinda way. The "long travel" dual shocks were cool :cool:


Aug 20, 2007
mid to late 70's rms ruled the tracks then. I like the 80s have a 78 and a 82.
Ride them at tracks and love riding them in the desert. They are my drunk bikes that I hill climb with. But have been in a few heated battles at a track or two, with the kids riding. I must say they hadle great and have lots of power for their time. The newer 2 stroke 80s do not really have that much more power just smother/easier and better suspension. Just put 110 and keep it on the pipe


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Oct 19, 2006
Oh yes, there are no top ends available, anywhere! I know, I found 2 straight from some joker in japan! I think he took them home in his lunch box, now he is selling them on ****. I think we can say **** now, I seen a big advertisement on the DRN homepage! 77 and newer are available. The 77 has a shorter stroke, but the crank will fit. I really did not want to put the 77 stuff in the 76.
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