Is WR400F more power than new 250f


May 7, 2007
I just got a 400f Yammi (WR). I have been looking at an 05 highly modded Honda 250f with cam, hc piston, CF exh, etc. I am now wondering if the 250f is more powerful than the 400f. I haven't ridden the 250f.

I am somewhat satisfied with the power/torque of the 400 but the bike is heavy and wide-feeling vs. the more narrow/lighter mx bike. If the 250f would be more power vs the 400 I think I'd prefer the more narrow/lighter bike. Anyone ever rode the two for a comparo?


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Aug 2, 2000
flyingfuzzball said:
. . . the 400's top speed it probably faster but the 250 will have more torque and throttle response...
the WR400F will have more torque. They'll climb trees.
crf450rider4eva said:
the 250f will rip it of the line but the wr400f would catch it when it hits top.
Again, I don't think the 250F would "rip it" off the line, but it might be close.


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Apr 9, 2002
The new breed of 250F's are very high performance bikes that ride a very fine line between any reliability and performance. Start highly modifying the same bike and that line get's smaller and smaller.
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