Oct 2, 2005
Caselli marked in the four phases 20 minutes 22 seconds and 328 thousandths, and stays above French Johnny Aubert (Yamaha), who made up 20’ 27” 580, and Juha Salminen with (KTM) 20’ 29” 454.


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Jan 1, 2001
foxmichigan said:
Looks like Juha DQ'd, Caselli still leads after day 4. :cool:

Sounds like he received a little too much fan support, eh?

There are some cool shots in the gallery on that site. Talk about an epic face plant.............


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Feb 24, 2000
Now that is a face plant! :yikes: I spoke with an old friend who has several medals from the ISDT as it used to be called. We were talking about the possibility of Juha being DQ's. Here is his reply.

"Unfortunately, there are a lot of "politics" involved in the game. At
the end of every day, there is a Jury meeting to go over the results from
the day. And everybody collects as much "information" as possible, so when
their team has a problem, then they bring other teams' issues to the table.
Then there is lobbying and then they play games with the rules.

Technically, according to what was shown in the picture of Juha being
assisted, that should get him ejected from the event. But the Jury will make
the decision.

The most screwed up situation that I am aware of, came back in 1982 when
the event was in Czechoslovakia. The American team was doing very well and
on Day 4, they were in 2nd place behind the Czechs. Then one of the American
riders was injured and was taken to a medical tent at one of the check
points, and was not allowed to continue the event even though the injury was
not that serious and the rider wanted to continue. That same day, the Czechs
lost a rider due to machinery breakdown as well, I think.

On Day 5, one of the Czech riders was caught having his bike being
worked on by other mechanics and changing parts that were not allowed to be
changed. A picture of the issue was taken and developed (there were no
digital cameras in those days) and taken to the Jury meeting that evening.
Again, technically, the rider should have been disqualified due to the
rules, but the issue was put on hold until the end of the 6th day. Had the
guy been disqualified at that point, the American Trophy Team would have
been in the lead.

At the Jury meeting after the end of the event, the issue of the Czech
guy being disqualified, came to a head, and a vote was take to disqualify
the rider, and there was an even vote before the British juryman submitted
his vote. When he submitted his vote, he voted to allow the Czech rider to
not be disqualified, and the Czechs then won the World Trophy.

There is a "Paul Harvey rest of the story". The British juryman, was
involved in Speedway racing, and he was an importer for Jawa speedway
machinery, and had he voted to have the Czech rider dq'ed, he probably would
have lost his business with the Jawa company. So technically, the Americans
got totally screwed. That would have been the first time, that the American
team would have won the World Trophy.

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Curt."


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Apr 13, 2003
See http://www.amadirectlink.com/amrace/2007/isde/

Doh! I just noticed Amanda Mastin is on the USA Women's team, and they are kicking bootie! Very cool.

Caselli is having a helluva ride! Bummer he probably won't get the overall though.

Juha got some serious help being pushed up a sandy hill. Check out isde.tv and play the 2nd video from the bottom to see for yourself.
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