Crash Test Dummy
Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
BSWIFT said:
Indy, I've been trying to get out and ride my cruiser but it is just to hot to enjoy. I've been watching all of the Daytona Sport Bike, Superbike, and MotoGP this year and a "peg dragger" is looking VERY tempting. Your KZ is a really nice bike for 34 years old. Have you got it tuned pretty good? Those were lots of fun back in the day and probably still is.
On my trip to Denver a couple of weeks ago, I met a guy with a 81 Seca 750, just like I had in 81. He said he gets lots of props and really enjoys riding it to work. I was really empressed with the original seat cover and the bike has 58K on it. Ride like you're invisible regardless of your speed and the dirtbike skills DO crossover to street. Have fun!!!!

It runs good, although at low RPM's there are noises I don't like. I"m told that's just old KZ noise.. I think it's the clutch cushions.

Plus I can't seem to get a high enough idle speed from the screw, I think the cables need to be adjusted.. Minor stuff really. Otherwise it runs great.

Wolf, mine isn't the pitposse stand, but it also cost me significantly less money..
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