KDX Racer

May 11, 2001
My sons and I went up to Sherman/Denison yesterday to ride the updated Jack Barnett MX track. First let me say that they DO NOT provide flaggers or prep the track. The track it self is a supercross type of track, not kid friendly at all. :(

Here we go around the track. From the 90' finish line table you go thru a set of 4 whoops that can be doubled or for the really fast guys (we saw a few) you can jump all four. Then into a right hand sweeper thru a big double, another big double, and then another big double into a 180 degree berm turn, into a big double then on to a very BIG step-up with a slight right to another large table, hard on the binders into a tight right hander thru a rythem section of whoops into a big table, 180 degree left berm turn, to a quick right hander to a long table that can not be jumped because you make a right turn with no berm into a BIG air table then on to the finish line jump. A small section of the track could not be riden because of water/mud and you could not jump the finish line jump because of a HUGH mud puddle right a the landing area.:(

This track could be fun for advanced/expert riders, but for the average rider you could get in over your head quickly. My sons and I will probably not ride this track again. We will return to Badlands, Xtreme, or Mosier in lieu of this very difficult and low fun level track.

The folks at Jack Barnett's (Jill) are very friendly and will help you out if needed. The cost is $5 per bike. They are open Sat and Sun 10AM to dark, and Tuesday's and Thursday's 12 Noon to dark. Phone number for Jill/Jack Barnetts is 903-465-1338. Take 75 north to exit 65 turn right go to 91 turn left, first dirt road take a right, track entrance to in front of you.


slo' mo

slower than slow...
May 5, 2000
thanks KDX_R,
my son and I were seriously thinking about Jack Barnett's since it's the closest thing to us, but I myself have enough problems with trying to correct myself between jumps, sounds like I will wait awhile before attempting this one. :silly:

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